Two Counties Trust Policies

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School Policies

Accessibility Plan 0817

Anti Bullying Policy 2020

Ashfield School Exam Contingency Plan 2020 21

Attendance Policy Sept 2020

Behaviour Policy Mar 2021

CCTV Policy

Charging And Remissions Policy 2019

Children Missing In Education Procedures Sept 2018

Controlled Assessment And Risk Management Process Ashfield School 2020

Curriculum Policy Nov 2019

Disability Equality Scheme Policy Sep 2016

Emergency Examination Evacuation Procedure 2019

Emergency Closure Procedure Jan 2019

Equal Opportunities Statement 2016

Equality Information And Objectives Nov 2020

Equal Opportunities Policy

E Safety And Acceptable Use Of ICT Policy Sept 2019

Exam Policy 2020

Examinations Disability Policy 2020

Gender Equality Scheme Policy

Home School Agreement Oct 2018

Homework 2017

Internal Appeals Procedure 2020

Lettings Policy

Looked After Children And Previously LAC Policy Oct 2020

Malpractice Policy 2020

Mobile Phone And Electronic Devices Policy Oct 2019

NQT Policy Sept 2020

Peer On Peer Abuse Policy Oct 2019

P16 Curric Model Sep 2019

PE Kit Policy Jul 2018

Privacy Notice General

Privacy Notice Pupils

Privacy Notice School Workforce

Privacy Notice Test Track And Trace June 2020

Promotion Of British Values Jan 2020

Protection Of Biometric Information Of Children Sept 2020

Race Equality Policy

Recruitment And Selection Policy May 2020

Religious Education Policy Nov 2019

RSE Policy Jul 2020

Safeguarding Policy Sept 2020

School Assessment And Reporting Policy Jan 2020

School Visitors Policy And Procedures For School Sports Events 2019

School Visitors Policy And Procedures For School Sports Events 2019

SEN Policy Sept 2020

Special Consideration Policy 2020

Teaching And Learning Policy Sept 2019

Use Of Reasonable Force To Control Or Restrain Policy Sep 2017

Whistle Blowing Policy Sept 2019

Work Related Learning Policy 2019