Ofsted Report October 2021

Ofsted Report May 2019

Ofsted Report 2016

The following comments were noted at our latest inspection in 2021: 

‘The headteacher and leaders have very high expectations.’

‘Pupils are proud of being part of Ashfield Comprehensive School. They enjoy coming to
school and feel safe.’

‘The school is a calm, safe and supportive place for pupils.’

‘Pupils say that the school is inclusive and even though it is a large school, it has a genuine community feel.’

‘Parents agree that their children are safe at the school and that behaviour is well managed by staff.’

‘Highly effective leaders have ensured that the curriculum is ambitious for all pupils. They want pupils to be engaged in their learning.’

‘Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) are well supported.’

‘Staff receive high-quality training in safeguarding and updates from experienced safeguarding leaders.’

The following comments were noted at our inspection in 2019:  

‘There is a strong and effective culture of safeguarding at the school.   

Inspectors witnessed consistently positive behaviour in lessons and during social times. 

Pupils’ behaviour was seen to be respectful, polite and friendly.  Their attitudes to learning in lessons was also seen to be positive. 

Pupils are very proud of their school.’ 

The staff know pupils and their families very well, and this is a strength of the school. 

‘Pupils who met with the inspectors said that they feel cared for and are safe.’ 

‘Overwhelmingly, parents who responded to the school’s recent survey of parental views say that their children are safe and happy at the school.’ 

‘The school’s curriculum helps pupils to understand how to deal with risks and how to keep themselves safe in different situations.’ 

‘Staff also keep pupils safe through the implementation of a very effective behaviour policy across the school. 

The following comments were noted at our short inspection in 2016:  

‘The school is well run and well organised. The school buildings and grounds are tidy and well respected.’ 

‘The broad and inclusive curriculum offered by the sixth form, along with high expectations apparent in lessons and tutorials, result in very positive attitudes to learning among the pupils and high levels of ambition regarding the things they wish to do after the sixth form.’ 

‘The school fosters in the pupils a sense of self-worth and of respect for others.’ 

‘The pupils identify a range of experiences and lessons that they have had that have contributed well to their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.’