On Monday, September 18th, Ashfield School attended the Two Counties Trust Careers Fair. The focal point of this event was to connect students with over 60 employers and education providers, aiming to provide them with a glimpse into their potential future pathways.

A diverse array of employers attended the event, representing a broad spectrum of industries. From heavyweights like JCB, Civil Service, East Midlands Railways, to well-known brands like DFS and Experian, the students had a unique opportunity to interact and gain insights into various career options.

In addition to employers, education providers played a crucial role in guiding the students. Representatives from local universities and select post-16 colleges, including our 5 TTCT post-16 centres; Ashfield Post 16, Friesland Sixth Form, Manor College, Swanwick Hall Sixth Form, and Wilsthorpe Sixth Form, were present to offer valuable information about the options for their next chapter.

Ashfield School and The Two Counties Trust places significant value on engaging students with employers and facilitating work experience placements. Our dedication to quality careers education is rooted in our core mission: ‘To provide our students with opportunities and experiences to enhance their life choices, making a positive contribution to the world we share.

This event showcased our commitment to empowering students and enabling them to make informed decisions about their future careers. By fostering strong connections between students, educators, and professionals, we aim to steer our students towards a bright and successful future. We extend our appreciation to all employers, education providers, and students for making this event a success. Together, we are opening doors to a world full of opportunities, enabling our students to confidently navigate their path to success and fulfilment.