On 3 March 2022, Ashfield School Law students participated in the National Bar Mock Trial Competition, organised by Young Citizens.  This year, it was a virtual competition due to the pandemic, so whilst we were not in a courtroom, the experience did reflect the ongoing situation across the country.

The students undertook the roles of witnesses, barristers, court staff and jurors.  The lawyers and witnesses spent months preparing their cases.  They had to get to grips with the issues of s47 Offences Against the Person Act 1861 and self-defence, determining whether or not ‘Alex’  had acted in self-defence when she retaliated to a comment made about her tattoos, as well as deciding whether ‘Max’ really was guilty of witness intimidation when he approached a friend of a friend and discussed a burglary that ‘Taylor’ was alleged to have committed.

Ashfield students faced very stiff competition from schools within the East Midlands and presented the evidence with aplomb, professionally questioning the witnesses, standing up to rigorous cross examination and running the court very smoothly.

Every single student was a credit to Ashfield School and I am exceptionally proud of them all.  Well done Team Ashfield!

Mrs Fraser