On the 17th of May 2021, our Board of Trustees reviewed the closure of Ashfield Leisure Centre as well as our lettings. After much deliberation they decided to keep everything until September 2021. This decision enables us to protect bubbles in schools, minimise risk and safeguard our community’s health and safety.

Additional traffic in on our school sites currently presents our staff with a number of challenges which have the potential to impact our students’ education. There are instances where leisure facilities and spaces normally used for sports and fitness are being used to facilitate lessons and breaktimes. By continuing to keep our facilities closed to the public we are able to minimise any infection risk to students and staff.

At the point of reopening, we will work with our existing sports partners and clubs to reinstate their bookings as quickly as possible. We look forward to welcoming you back when it is safe to do so.

Lettings & Leisure Facility Update May 2021