Ashfield School expects all its students Year 7 to Year 11 to wear the correct uniform at all times. It is the outward sign of the proud commitment to the Ashfield School community. 

Our uniform for Year 7 to 11 is:

  • BLACK SCHOOL BLAZER with School Badge & House Colour Braid
  • PLAIN BLACK V-NECK LONG SLEEVED JUMPER can be worn under Blazer
  • PLAIN WHITE SHIRT or PLAIN LIGHT BLUE SHIRT – buttons up to the collar
  • PLEATED BLACK SKIRT – Knee length and made of plain formal material or PLAIN BLACK TAILORED TROUSERS. All Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 Pupils need to wear the logoed skirts and trousers from September 2021.

Advice On Skirts

Advice On Trousers

  • PLAIN BLACK SCHOOL SHOES NO LOGOS – must be flat with backs and not open-toed. Shoes should have a black sole, no other colour sole is permitted. Trainers of any kind, Boots or Plimsolls, will not be allowed. Canvas or cloth footwear are unacceptable. Shoes should be of a hardwearing material such as leather, which can be polished.

A guide on acceptable school shoes is available here.Advice On School Shoes 4

  • BELTS – if worn should be PLAIN BLACK without any logos, studs, images etc.
  • EQUIPMENT – a suitable school bag, pens, ruler etc and PE Kit (details below).

Please Note: Maximum of one small signet ring which is discreet. Large rings and sovereign rings are not permitted. One pair of ‘Sleeper’ Ear-rings or Studs, worn in the ear lobe, and a Watch are acceptable forms of jewellery. No other form of jewellery is acceptable. No jewellery whatsoever is to be worn during PE lessons.

Face and body piercings are not permitted. No piercing retainers of any kind are to be worn.

Advice On Piercings

False nails or excessively long nails are not acceptable. 

Advice On Fingernails

The school reserves the right to challenge inappropriate pieces of dress that undermine the school’s high standards and the learning environment. As an example, the following items are not appropriate:

  • Hooded tops which are not waterproof are not permitted;
  • Hats are not permitted indoors. A sensible woolly hat is allowed in winter and a sensible sunhat is allowed outdoors in extreme heat. Caps are not allowed other than in these circumstances outdoors at break and lunch. Any headwear, for example bobbles, should be sensible and subtle.
  • Fashion that distracts from learning, undermines the school uniform and draws unnecessary attention to individual students.
  • Haircuts need to be sensible and should not cause a distraction from learning. Please check with your child’s Achievement Leader before any dramatic changes are made.
  • Some examples of haircuts that aren’t sensible include patterns shaved into hair, extreme colours used and the use of coloured beads.
  • Excessive makeup including false eyelashes is not permitted.

Financial support may be available through Pupil Premium for eligible families. Please contact the school directly with any queries.

School will not be responsible for items. If students bring items in, they do so at their own risk. Mobile phones are not permitted at Ashfield School.

Physical Education Kit

Advice On PE Kit

Girls Kit Boys Kit
Ashfield Red and Black Polo Shirt Ashfield Red and Black Polo Shirt
Plain Black Shorts or Plain Black Sports Leggings or Plain Black Tracksuit Bottoms Plain Black Shorts or Plain Black Tracksuit Bottoms
Either Ashfield Rugby Shirt or Ashfield 1/4 Zip Fleece Ashfield Rugby Shirt
Red Football Socks or White Sport Ankle Socks Red Football Socks or White Sport Ankle Socks
Trainers Trainers and Moulded Boots or Studded Boots
Shin Pads Shin Pads

Student’s Property

Students are responsible for the security of all their possessions.

We strongly recommend you bring a bag to school to keep your books and belongings safe.

Students are advised not to bring unnecessary and expensive items into school particularly mobile phones. The School accepts no responsibility for items which are lost at School.


Ashfield School uniform can be bought from:

Sabre Sports
42 Outram St
NG17 4FS