Everyone has been intrigued by the video that went viral this week of the kind Trick or Treaters who, on finding that a treat bucket left outside a house had been emptied, replenished it with sweets from their own haul!  Local newspaper The Chad were determined to identify the students from the video footage and, lo and behold, it transpires that these amazing young men are all Ashfield School students!

Dubbed the ‘Good Citizen Trick or Treaters’ by The Chad, video footage of their act of generosity and community spirit has attracted a huge of amount of interest.  The school’s Head Teacher, John Maher, said: “At Ashfield School we teach that being respectful, kind and thoughtful towards other people creates a wonderful culture and community.  The selfless actions of these young men bring great credit to their families and to Ashfield School.”

Well done boys, we’re all just so proud of you!