As part of an ongoing partnership with Trivium packaging based in Sutton-in-Ashfield, a group of our Post-16 engineering students were recently offered the opportunity to take part in an engineering masterclass day.

A group of 12 students spent the day with engineers at Trivium working on various engineering tasks focusing on electrical engineering, technical drawing and problem solving. The day started off with a presentation from former Ashfield students Travis Roe and Ben Meynell, both of whom began an apprenticeship at Trivium after completing their engineering qualifications with us at Ashfield School. Their success on the apprentice program at Trivium has led to them both being nominated for the Engineering Apprentice of the Year Awards 2022.

By taking part in the masterclass, our students have gained valuable skills which they can transfer to their coursework at Ashfield. In addition, the experience of working with, and speaking to, highly skilled engineers from various disciplines has also undoubtedly inspired them to consider pursuing their own careers in engineering!