16-19 Study Programme 

All students in Post 16 are enrolled on a study programme which combines qualifications and other activities. The programme is tailored to each student’s prior attainment and (where known) their career goals. 

  • Virtually all students in Ashfield P16 have a full-time study programme (with a minimum of 540 planned learning hours per year). Some year 14 students may have a slightly reduced study programme (with a minimum of 450 planned learning hours per year). There are a very small number of students who for various health or career support reasons may need specialised study programmes and these students may fall into a part-time study category. All study programmes have a core aim (academic, applied general or technical) and these core aims are recorded on the school census. The core aim is normally the component of a student’s timetable which has the greatest number of planned learning hours. 
  • The study programme principles apply equally to students with SEND. The school SENCO and any necessary outside agencies are involved in helping Ashfield P16 create the most suitable study programmes for students who fall into this category.
  • All study programmes include non-qualification activities. These include tutor sessions and (for academic and applied core learning aims) supervised study sessions. There is also a wide range of P16 enhancement opportunities which all P16 students are encouraged to participate in. For details on the PSHE covered during tutor sessions and the available enhancement opportunities please see the linked documents at the bottom of this page.
  • Where possible, study programmes include work experience. At the end of year 12 all students who have an academic or applied core learning aim will embark on a 1 weeks’ work experience programme. Childcare and Hairdressing students who have a core technical learning aim have weekly work placements as an integral aspect of their planned learning hours. Uniformed Services students with a technical core learning aim experience the world of work through a range of field trips throughout the year. 
  • All students who do not hold a GCSE grade 4 in English and/or Maths are required to study English and/or Maths as part of their study programme. They will receive 2 x 1 hour lessons per subject per week, delivered by a specialist English or Maths teacher.
  • All students with an academic or applied general core learning aim (not already studying A-level Maths or Further Maths) are also given the opportunity to study AS Core Maths in order to improve their future life chances. 
  • Students in P16 who are not yet ready to embark on a level 2 qualification are given the opportunity to study for a level 1 Work Skills course which supports them to progress onto level 2 at Ashfield P16 or better prepares them for adult life.

Enhancement Opportunities

PSHE Provision

Ashfield Post 16: 16-19 Funding Statement